We describe our Action Club parties as a high energy, dynamic sensory extravaganza!

Using versatile props and modern music we get everyone involved, excited and on a natural high. Our Traditional Action Club parties are suitable for children aged 1-5 years. Our highly experienced and professional party hosts know what’s required to provide a stimulating and memorable day.

Traditional action parties

Amanda’s Action Club offer great parties for 1-year-olds! We host fun, interactive sensory extravaganzas which require parent participation. Our motto is: ‘Babies move best when adults move with them!’.

At this age little ones have lots of energy! Our parties are stimulating and engaging whilst incorporating early learning goals too. Our fully trained professional party hosts will dance, sing and interact with the children using props, modern nursery rhymes and fun activities.

Less props and more activities for this age group! By now children are more confident and able to follow instruction. We recommend two hours for a party at this age. The first hour consists of parachute games, props, music and fun activities, then it’s time for a lunch/tea break.

After the happy birthday celebrations, part two begins. We’ll encourage the children to participate in party games and dances.

A dynamic, action-packed party full of fun! Parachute fun, team games and dancing. Let your children become stars for the day. We will custom make the party to your child’s needs.

Gone are the nursery rhymes! At this age the children tell us what music they prefer. Expect a dynamic mix of team games, dancing and much more.

A tailor made party to incorporating everything from modern nursery rhymes to pop music, dancing games and lots of fun. An action packed party to cater for all ages, grown-ups included!

We would be delighted to entertain at your special event, please contact us for a quote.


To book a party or to make an initial enquiry go to book a party and fill in the required details or email us on bookings@amandasactionclub.co.uk. You can also call our team on 01895 623999.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30am–5pm.

For information on Southampton packages please contact Jolene on 07717 756445 or email Jolene.webb@action-club.co.uk