Here are my Top ten tips on Kensington Mums website to get kids active. With half term around the corner and having children activities week starting tomorrow (30th April- 4th May 2018) this comes in a perfect timing!

Children need to get active for at least 60 minutes a day to stay healthy. Amanda shares with us her top tip for children activities week.

1. Visit the playground

Challenge the children to play on as many pieces of equipment as they can and allow 30 seconds of short bursts of action on each one.

2. Walking to school

If it’s just not practical to leave the car at home, then park or drop your kids ten minutes away from the school gates so they get some activity into their day and you don’t have to fight to find a spot!

3. Limbo dancing competitions.

You can use a rope or a broomfor this simple activity. Challenge the children to go as low as they can without touching.

4. Clean the car.

Get together with a bucket of soapy water and some sponges and give the car a clean. Take a section each and work your arms or put some music on and clean to the beat.

5. Cycle to school

Riding with the children to school is a great way to get active and introduce healthy habits! Plus cycling has many benefits for children such as improved health, confidence and concentration.

6. Family workout in the garden or living room.

Use sheets of paper with simple activities written on each one such as 10 star jumps, or touch your head, shoulders, knees and toes 20 times! Create a circuit of activities to perform at each station. Get the children to create some activities too so it’s fun for everyone.

7. Family Disco.

Its amazing how much energy you can burn dancing, and how letting loose can really make you feel good! Pump up the volume to a few favourite songs and boogie away. Make up dance moves and get the children to copy.

8. Treasure hunts.

A classic which has stood the test of time and which can have the whole family running around – especially if it’s timed. Hide small items around the house or outside and useclear instructions. You can make it harder by getting the children to either, run, hop or jump to the next clue.

9. Be a role model

There are lots of free exercise apps available. Show your children the moves and get them to copy you!

10. Swimming

All children enjoy playing in the water. Challenge your child each week to learn a new skill.