Motherhood by Amanda Frolich

September 7th, 2017|

Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have. My name is Amanda Frolich. I teach preschool children how to be active and healthy using my fun, fitness and music concept. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother? I will be completely honest, it is HARD WORK to keep everyone happy. I have a business to run but at the end of the day, my family come first. When my daughter was growing up it was a lot easier as I had my mother to help me with childcare during [...]

My day with the millionaire clown!

August 14th, 2017|

The Beckhams and Brangelina rave about this west London-based children's entertainer and fitness expert. The life of Amanda's Action Club began in a community hall in Acton nearly 26 years ago She has an A-list following and is the Jamie Oliver of west London's playgrounds. Celebrity children's entertainer and fitness expert Amanda Frolich has hosted parties for the likes of the Beckhams, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Amanda Holden's kids. She brought to life Amanda's Action Club 25 years ago, starting out in a community hall in Acton before building an empire across west London and beyond to tackle the obesity crisis in a fun, interactive [...]

Top Tips for Staying Safe and Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

July 26th, 2017|

The holidays are here and it is a great time to try and take time out and relax with our children. Prior preparation is often key to a great time, have a look at our article with advice for checking your holiday accommodation, things to take with you for a great day out and first aid advice if you suffer from sunburn, heat exhaustion etc... Click here to read the full article little boy building sand castle on tropical beach

Why Babies LOVE Amanda’s Action Club

June 8th, 2017|

When you think of energetic and interactive classes you may assume that Amanda’s Action Club is only suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers, but in fact babies excel in our classes too. Anyone with older children will have seen how much their baby benefits from watching their siblings play. They love copying other children and learn faster by doing this. Research has shown that 60 percent of second children walked earlier than their older siblings. The reason? Babies often learn by watching. "Research shows that having an older sibling around -- someone with advanced language, cognition, imagination, and play skills -- can [...]

Head Injuries

February 21st, 2017|

Some very good information about Head Injuries from our friend Emma at First Aid for Life Babies and children often bang their heads. This is partly because their heads are disproportionately large but also because they tend not to look where they’re going, are oblivious to risk and are therefore unaware of danger around them. Head injuries can be frightening. It can be difficult to assess how seriously a child is hurt and what you should do about it. Fortunately, most head injuries are superficial and only involve the scalp. This can be alarming as the head and face are extremely vascular [...]

Coping with Children’s School Phobia

January 6th, 2017|

Read this insightful article by our lovely colleague and parenting expert Sue Atkins. Many children at some time in their school career find going to school a challenge and may feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed. School phobia (known to may professionals who work with children as school refusal), is a complex and extreme form of anxiety about going to school (but strangely may not be attached to the school itself as the name suggests) It can be brought on by a bad experience, either with a teacher or with other children or can be related to a “traumatic” experience like being [...]

Christmas Stress

December 13th, 2016|

Read this insightful article about the upcoming festive season by our lovely colleague and parenting expert, Sue Atkins.   Festive stress Christmas, although a time of great joy and celebration, can also be the most stressful of times for even the best of parents, with the family home chaotic and often besieged by visitors. Throw into the mix over-excited children who have weeks to sit around at home and the situation can quickly spiral out of control. Keeping your children calm and entertained will be the key to helping keep the peace and getting through the Christmas holiday period with as [...]

Fussy Eaters & How To Keep Your Sanity!

November 28th, 2016|

Read this insightful article by our lovely colleague and parenting expert Sue Atkins.   If you suddenly have a fussy eater on your hands – you’re not alone! Lots of parents go through the same thing with their children as faddy eating is often a phase that young children go through to explore their independence, test you out and to get some of your attention (no matter how bad it is!) Children like things to be familiar, as it helps them relax and feel safe so whether it’s their bedtime routine or their cheese sandwich, many children won’t try new foods [...]

Amanda’s Top Tips For Fighting Childhood Obesity

November 22nd, 2016|

Last week, Ofcom published a report showing alarming statistics regarding the time pre-schoolers and school aged children spend online. These are truly frightening statistics showing that time spend on tablets and online  is ever increasing.   Some of the findings are staggering: Three- and four-year-olds are online for an average of 71 minutes per day, or eight hours, 18 minutes a week - an hour and a half more than a year ago. The research found that a third of pre-school age children own their own media device, such as a tablet or games console. We, at Amanda's Action Club do [...]


July 18th, 2016|

With the publication today of a Save The Children Report about boys, it has been found that a quarter of boys are falling behind by the time they start in reception, their first year at primary school. It is so important for teachers to make learning fun for children. Boys also need more physical activity and outdoor play to expel their energy – this in turn can help their concentration. Learning must be about having fun and in the reception year, play is a crucial component of this. For example, children enjoy using their imagination and role play their favourite super [...]

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