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Catchy Song

The Catchiest Song Ever! Sing and Dance-a-long at home! Let’s face it, once you hear it, you can’t help but jump up and dance along.

Let’s Tidy Up

A big hit with children and parents alike. Written and performed by Andrew McCrorie-Shand who wrote the theme tune to the Teletubbies Say ‘Eh-Oh!’ I asked him to create a song to help us tidy up.

Sing a Rainbow

Almost everyone knows this song – but it’s never been done quite like this. Rainbows have taken on a powerful meaning and we wanted this song to pay tribute to all those fighting the fight against Covid-19 and show that together we are stronger.

Big Songs For Little Ones

Twelve years ago in a west London studio we filmed the music video to our 12345 song. We wanted to show how families from all different backgrounds could come together and have fun.

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Big Songs For Little Ones

Eagle e big songs

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