Physical Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage – An Active Approach

Physical Development is an EYFS prime area of learning and development.

So, it’s essential that we provide high quality opportunities for children to be active as they play and grow. Developing physiological, cardiovascular and fine and gross motor skills means that children show good control and coordination appropriate for their stage of  development and in preparation for their next stage of learning.

Children should be physically active for at least 3 hours throughout the day to enhance growth and development. Adults caring for children should encourage active play.

Moving more and sitting less will have tremendous benefits for everyone.

My Early Years Training Package
Dubai Training

You and your staff are the key to leading and modelling physical activity.

Why hire outside providers when your staff can competently deliver physical development sessions to the children in their care?

Our carefully constructed program is accompanied by our recently developed app!

You will find our very modern nursery rhymes, original songs and videos will continue to motivate and guide your active experience.

Once our training is completed, staff feel more confident in their approach to physical activity and they use learnt skills in their practice.

  • Physical activity is closely linked to wellbeing providing positive health benefits, this of course contributes to learning outcomes.
  • Physical activity has a direct link to good mental health and improved concentration which benefits their long-term success and happiness.
  • Being physically active has an impact on behaviour, increases self-esteem and provides opportunities for children to work together.

Now, more than ever, adults and children need to recognise the importance of being physical!

Our training sessions will
1) Support staff to understand the importance and benefits of being physically active throughout the day
2) Ensure staff confidently lead our physically active adult led sessions for children and can begin to create sessions of their own
3) Provide knowledge and understanding in the use of a range of resources that support fine and gross motor development

Our training will also provide:
Recognition of the importance of adult interactions through being physically active
The ability to identify when children need to make progress in their physical development
Support for key people to recognise the benefits of providing early intervention to children through physical activity
A certificate of attendance for Continued Professional Development records
A comprehensive breakdown of the training including evaluations and costs for those making good use of Early Years Pupil Premium funding

my Early Training Collage

We recommend a full day for the initial training, but we are able to break this down into two half days

Full Training Day
Please allow a 6 to 7 hour day to include breaks and lunch

Morning Session

We introduce you to Amanda’s Approach to Physical Activity
We discuss the knowledge base for physical activity, share essential skills that are required in leading sessions, and look at how to create a physically active environment.
We link physical activity to wellbeing, personal social skills, language and communication and other areas of learning.
We share our ‘Principles of Movement’ that are core to the session and provide the basis of movement throughout the day.
We look closely at the structure of a 30-minute session and examine the theory behind warming up, core and interval activities and cooling down.
We lead a full practical session for attendees to put into practice everything they have learned so far.

Afternoon Session

We share the Amanda’s Action Club App and look closely at the resources we provide and link them to fine and gross motor development
We focus on adapting sessions for children with additional needs and how to use physical activity to close any learning gaps. Again, this is an interactive session.
We finish with our ‘Tidy-Up Song’, clarify and reflect on our learning.

Outcome: Delegates will be able to deliver Amanda’s Action Club routines
and have the skills to create their own sessions with the children

Further Training Sessions

These include a recap on the learning from the initial training, therefore, these are suitable for any new staff.

At Amanda’s Action Club we continue to create new and exciting routines, songs and actions, these sessions bring you up to date.

We also incorporate fresh ideas and new resources to continue to inspire and motivate. Sessions include updates on research and guidance

Our full day initial training is ideal for in-service days, we can also provide weekend training.

We have produced a comprehensive Training Guide, devised to accompany this course and for ongoing reference

Follow-up training – half day sessions
We regularly update our training and provide refreshers to teach new routines.
We recommend a minimum of two follow up sessions after the initial training to keep up momentum and motivation within the first twelve months; we can provide further sessions if required.

Please note:
The sessions are interactive, all attendees will be required to join in, we therefore recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing and footwear and water to keep hydrated. We anticipate that you will provide a suitable venue. Please undertake a full risk assessment and identify any health issues for your team that will affect their ability to fully take part.

Amanda’s Action Club Resource List 

My Early Years Training Package

Essential to our sessions are our carefully selected resources.

Our songs and actions have been specifically designed around these; the ‘Amanda’s Action Club Resource List’ provides details of these resources and also the full range of the items that we currently have in stock or are able to source for you. 

We recommend that you keep them especially for use in our sessions. The resources should be purchased prior to our full day session.

Please consider how you are going to incorporate Amanda’s Approach to Physical Activity sessions into your routine of the day. EYFS ratios and the age and stage of the children, will dictate how many children your sessions will be for.

We suggest a maximum of 20 children per session and therefore resource for 25 to allow for loss, breakages and overuse.

Please note: We can also provide storage bags.

So, what’s next?

Arrange for a telephone consultation by emailing either:

We can then answer any questions, explain our training in more detail and provide you with a package of support that fits your requirements.

Note: We offer several packages that will combine full training, refresher days, equipment and access to Amanda’s App, containing the music you will need to run our sessions. Monthly payment instalment plans are available. 

You can download our Brochure for this training from the link below:

Physical Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage – An Active Approach

Film clips of  Amanda’s Initial Training Sessions with Sparkles Pre-School and Millies Pre-School Staff Training

A Big Thank You to Kim Benham and her staff from Sparkles Pre-School and Millies Pre-School

for allowing us to share the photos and film clips taken during their initial training day.